Green Pest Control

Pest Control is generally thought of as poisonous, invasive chemicals that poison and kill pests to keep them away from the home. A number of them are quite effective but also poisonous and harmful to plants, pets, and people.

If You Would like to be more ‘green’ with pest management, you have To concentrate on organic pest management methods which is the nearest thing to green pest management there is. Getting rid of pests without using petroleum products or products that can get into soil and to the water supply is your goal in this process.Pesticides, Bottle, Pressure Bottle

Being completely Comprehensive in 1 post is nearly impossible but these are things to think about that are natural ways of doing pest management.
There are several natural substances that are not damaging to the environment which are helpful at repelling pests and insects. Some instances are peppermint oil or chili peppers. There are a huge selection of pests who don’t enjoy this and are repelled by it. In case you have a particular pest problem, hunt for it is natural repellent. Many times this can also be the scent of a predator they’re afraid of.

– Beneficial insects feed on the insects while not harming the garden themselves. It’s a really natural method since this is how these pests are removed and controlled in nature.

– If you have larger pests in the lawn, trap and release is a fantastic method. No toxic chemicals need to be used. The pest isn’t hurt either. Just ask yourself do you have a Raccoon in Attic? Use that for bait.

Birds – The more birds that are in the lawn the More they will eat pests. Get yard items that attract birds such as bird feeders to keep them around your home.

Inside the house procedures.

Cleanliness – Lots of pests are in the home because of some type of food scrap being available. Keeping clean can lessen this supply.

Traps – You can find traps that capture the pest without being poisonous at all.

The Disadvantage to green pest control is they aren’t effective methods against insects such as Termites who can get out of control and damage a home badly.

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